Bob Boucher With Hockey Team, ca. 1969

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dc.identifier.other 98.04.0840
dc.description color photograph
dc.description Good condition: all corners frayed, large crease above second man from right in second row, two small creases, tape on bottom edge and emulsion residue showing around edges.
dc.description Group photo of the hockey team in three rows (2 standing, 1 sitting) on the ice in uniform. Front row l to r: Chuck LeCain (goalie), Bob Dawson, Rod Bossey, Brian O'Byrne, Bob Woods, Gerry Cameron, and Sam Lannon. Middle row l to r: Jim MacPhee, ? (another coach?), Tim Ripley, Richie Bayes, Carl Boswick, ?, John Murray, ?, Coach Bob Boucher, and ? Back row l to r: Mike Ford, Ken Martin, Darrell Maxwell, Jim Dickie, and Rick Fraughton. Identities confirmed by J. Mills in 2016. Many of the players played again in the 1970 season as seen in 98.04.0481.
dc.description Written in red ink on reverse: 'Cx.' Written in ink on reverse: '68-69,' 'Front Row Chuck LeCain, Bob Dawson, Rod Bossey, Brian O'Byrne, Bob Woods, Gerry Cameron, Sam Lannon, Second Row Jim MacPhee'. Came in file folder marked 'Athletics'. From Art Gallery.
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dc.format.extent 20.3 cm x 25.4 cm
dc.subject.other People
dc.subject.other Athletes
dc.subject.other Alumni Arena
dc.subject.other LeCain, Richard
dc.subject.other Dawson, Robert
dc.subject.other Bossey, Roderick
dc.subject.other O'Byrne, Brian
dc.subject.other Woods, Robert
dc.subject.other Cameron, Gerald
dc.subject.other Lannon, Samuel
dc.subject.other MacPhee, James
dc.subject.other Ripley, Timothy
dc.subject.other Bayes, Richard
dc.subject.other Boswick, Carl
dc.subject.other Murray, John L.
dc.subject.other Boucher, Robert
dc.subject.other Ford, Michael
dc.subject.other Martin, Kenneth
dc.subject.other Maxwell, Darrell
dc.subject.other Dickie, James
dc.subject.other Fraughton, Richard
dc.subject.other Hockey
dc.subject.other Sports
dc.subject.other Huskies
dc.subject.other Coaches
dc.title Bob Boucher With Hockey Team, ca. 1969
dc.type Image
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